How can we help our community center be vital part of our community?

How do we as a community support our volunteer fire department?

Well I am hoping for start we can participate in fundraising efforts which supply their building and other maintenance needs.  Many may be taking portraits this weekend as the fire department conducts it’s annual portrait fundraiser to support trucks/equipment.

On Saturday, February 10th we will have a dinner and movie.  The proceeds will take care of building needs.  Our fire department has roof leaks and interior walls to maintain.  The Fruitvale Fire Department plans to improve/refresh the exterior of facility tentatively in the spring.

Our community center needs to upgrade a bathroom, ceilings work, along with other interior/exterior improvements.  The community center is available to rent on weekly basis for meetings, reunions, or other family gatherings.   Music and fellowship is scheduled weekly on Monday nights.  Check with Susan on availability for you next event.

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