City Election May 5th, 2018 was in conjunction with the FISD school election.

For the city, two candidates ran unopposed:   Jennifer Johnston, Mayor and Jackie King, Alderperson.

Unofficial results from the voters in Fruitvale city limits report passing the city sales tax.  “A sales and use tax is adopted within the city at the rate of 2 (two) percent.”  The next city council meeting will report the election results and adopt the appropriate resolutions to report to Comptroller of State of Texas

So when does the tax go into effect?

The tax becomes effective after one complete calendar quarter elapses from the date the Comptroller’s office receives notification of voter approval. For example, if voters approve the tax in May, and the Comptroller’s office receives notification in June, then the tax becomes effective on Oct. 1, after the calendar quarter of July-August-September has elapsed. The Comptroller’s office will notify area merchants to begin collecting the new tax rate on Oct. 1. The city will begin receiving revenue from the tax in December.

Upcoming city council meeting will discuss follow up actions regarding organizing an EDC and appropriation of funds.



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