City Council Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 6:30pm @ Fruitvale Community Center.   As required by State law, an agenda will be posted for the public to view at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the meeting.  The City’s official posting site for the City Council agenda is on the front of the City Hall, 1063 VZCR 1129, Fruitvale, TX (aka community center).  Current agendas and past agendas can be obatined from the City Secretary.

For those citizens who have special needs to attend the meeting please contact the City Secretary in advance and we will try to accommodate needs.

Persons who would like to speak to the Council should submit a request to the City Secretary one week prior of the set meeting date.

Agendas for Fruitvale City Council:

Agenda 2019_0816

Agenda 2019_0716 – cancelled

Agenda 2019_0709 cancelled

Agenda 2019 0611

Agenda 2019_0514 – cancelled

Agenda 2019_0416 – Cancelled

Agenda 2019_0409 Delayed meeting to following week

Agenda Special Call Meeting 2019_0319

Agenda 2019_0312

Notice of Possible Quorum 3/2/19

Agenda 2019_0212

Agenda 2019_0108

Agenda 2018_1210

Agenda 2018 1127

Agenda 2018_1120 – canceled

Agenda 2018 1113  Postponed, no quorum.

Agenda 2018 1016

Agenda 2018 1009 – meeting postponded, rescheduled October 16h

Agenda 2018_0918

Agenda 2018_0911 – meeting postponed due to schedule conflicts for a quorum.

Agenda 2018_0828

2018_0710 – canceled meeting, topic to be carried over to next regular scheduled August meeting


Agenda 2018_0515

Agenda 2018_508 – Canceled and will be rescheduled pending confirmation quorum

Agenda 2018_0410

Agenda 2018_0313

Agenda 2018_0224 Special Meeting

Agenda 2018_0222 Special Meeting – cancelled

Agenda 2018_0208

Agenda 2018_0125 Special Meeting – cancelled

Agenda 2018_01

Agenda 2017_12

Agenda 2017_11

Agenda 2017_10

Agenda 2017_09

Agenda 2017_08

Agenda 2017_07

Agenda 2017_06

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